Feeling stuck even after traditional counselling?

Are you ready to live with less stress, limitation and fear?

Emotional Freedom Technique can gently and swiftly release traumatic events that are frozen in time in the body-mind system.
Your past traumatic events can negatively influence how you see the world around you, experience emotion and relate to others in your life.

Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) is a approach to mind-body healing which has been used by practioners. 

Get help with your challenges

Many people around the world have benefited from Emotional Freedom Technique, including but not limited to

  • Heal Relationships
  • Enhance performance (sports, school, business and the arts)
  • Overcome limiting beliefs (about relationships, finances, etc.)
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Heal trauma, including post-traumatic stress
  • Heal addictions

Marriage Counselling

When couples fall in love and get married, both parties looked forward to a happy life together. However, through the months and years of life together as a married couple, many issues may have happened leading to much unhappiness

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Anger Therapy

If you observe your spouse, partner, family member or friend losing control over the way they express their anger, it would probably signal a crucial need to seek professional help. 

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Individual Counselling

Sometimes you feel stuck in a problem that stands between you and the goals, priorities, and commitments of your life. This can be improved with the help of a skilled, experienced and trained counsellor. Common issues includes depression, grief, anxiety attacks, etc

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